I just left Prague for a surgery appointment that will never happen. 
Maybe it is the Czech departure or just the coldness of the bureaucracy but I could write a Kafka-esque novel out of this.
I have been waiting over 8 months for this procedure, it would be to help relieve a pain but they have not taken that into consideration, they’ve lumped it into the “to-do, err, someday?” pile. 

And they call me within 14 hours of my appointment to tell me that it is cancelled because the doctor will not be there. 
I don’t even live in that city any more, this is how long I have had to wait, yet I have somehow managed to find a way to make it there by 7:30am.
I’ve pulled favours to get someone to leave work and pick me up, I structured my entire summer around this and now the pin holding it all together is removed.

And now I have no recourse. They called me from a blocked number, the number I use to confirm, amend or cancel my appointment leads to a voicemail message in which there is loud laughter in the background. 
Is bureaucracy making me insane?
It’s absolutely alienating me, what healthcare system is this when it takes the most cold, dismissive attitude of the state.
There is no care here, just order.

meaning is an illusion just waiting to be dispelled 

looking straight into the camera as I take a selfie is an act for someone more sincere than I


ok I was going to reblog this anyway
and then the one in the middle

James Adomian, make me pregnant


ok I was going to reblog this anyway

and then the one in the middle

James Adomian, make me pregnant

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"That’s my favourite thing about Edgar Allen Poe, he said “scientifically proven, crows are crazy”"

Fabrice Fabrice

fred & carrie & portland 4eva <3

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it took till i am 23 to realise that i have conceptualised working incorrectly, the world has screwed around with the ideas around work so much that i have this corrupted view of what it means to do work. 

this corrupted work is short term, if i don’t see instant gains then my work is a failure.
this corrupted work is focused on the other, it is so desperate in seeking comparison to others and framing the situation around the difference between a devalued interpretation of my own work against the idealised image of others work.

this corrupted work view corrupts my soul, i need to be appreciative of a diversity in ways of working and i need to assert that appreciation over those who have sought to corrupt work for their own ends in ignoring their insecurity whether it be focused on success or failure.

the beginning of the middle from frrarp on 8tracks Radio.

the beginning of the middle

i’m not going to pronounce “hegemony” like everyone else